Founder - Bongani Ngubane

The late Bongani Ngubane first came to Johannesburg in the early 1980’s as a bass guitar player in a gospel band. The band members included the likes of Lindelani Mkhize, Shazula Max Mtambo and the late Steve Zulu to name a few. Shortly afterwards the famous stage production of Sarafina was responsible for poaching band members because of their artistic and musical talent. It was during that period that Bongani came into contact with Lloyd Ross, a sound engineer, who recognized the drive and ambition that the late Bongani possessed. Lloyd quickly took Bongani under his wing and eventually took Bongani with him to Shifty Records, where Bongani learned the fundamentals of being a sound engineer.

Among Bongani’s other accomplishments was his belonging to a band a Durban based band Ujama, while he was with Ujama Bongani met ‘The Peoples Poet’ Mzwakhe Mbuli at a concert in Cape Town while the group was staying with Steve Gordon, himself a noted musical producer whose passion for his craft was well known. A national tour ensued and a bond developed between Mzwakhe and Bongani during the tour that coincided on behalf of Mzwakhe’s first album; Change Is Pain produced under Shifty Records. Bongani was bought in as a student technician and sound engineer under the tutelage Lloyd Ross under the Shifty Records banner. During this time the opportunity to tour South African and the world was seized by the late Bongani and it enhanced his ability to work with top flight artists and activists that were an integral part of the struggle years and the spreading the message of peace.

When Shifty records was eventually closed, Bongani freelanced with Mega Music, EMI, Gallo Records, SABC and Prosound among others. This freelance work entailed doing indoor as well as outdoor shows, conference, live performances with varied and diverse groups of people, including a client list that was comprised of bands, solo artists, corporate, the government sector, schools, churches, theatres and respective festivals. All of this experience contributed in Bongani honing his skills and inspiring him to open up a company of his own because of his ability to learn and excel.

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